Homeland Defense / Security Education Summit
Educating Future Homeland Security Leaders During an Era of Uncertainty:
Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Homeland Defense / Security Education Summit
On Zoom, November 1-3, 2021

Curriculum and Faculty Development Workshop
On Zoom and in-person at the Monterey Conference Center, November 1-3, 2021


To access the agenda, speaker materials, and session links, you must login to the Summit website. As a registered attendee, you have a CHDS account under the email you used to register. (If you are not a registered attendee, you can still register.)

If you know your CHDS account password, login to the UAPP website and then hit the Attend button.

If you do not know your password or have not set one yet, start by setting one. Then come back to the UAPP site and login.

Once you have logged in, you will have full, all-week access to all Summit and Workshop materials at https://www.chds.us/uapp/14-summit/.

Need tech help? chdstech@nps.edu

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