The Global Jihadi Threat

The Global Jihadi Threat

Islam is a faith of richness and complexity that has manifested itself over time in a broad variety of ways.  Unfortunately, it is also used as the basis for the violent ideologies of the Global Jihad.  Understanding the fundamentals behind the religion (as well as concepts such as Jihad), the background with respect to the Islamic community’s relationship to the West, the position of Muslims in modern-day Western societies and the various permutations of extremist Islamic ideologies is critical in helping policy makers, law enforcement personnel and governmental administrators at various levels relate to Islam and Muslims in an informed manner while also being able to effectively counteract extremist activities and ideas.

Learning Objectives.  Upon completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Display a greater understanding of the origin, basic principles and central divisions in Islam.
  • Display a greater understanding of the role of Jihad in Islam.
  • Display an understanding of some of the underpinnings of the complex relationship between the Islamic World and the West.
  • Display an understanding of the ideas and religious doctrine of Muslim extremists as manifested by Islamist and Jihadist organizations.
  • Display a greater understanding of problems of integration of Muslims into Western societies and the factors affecting the radicalization process.



Nadav Morag

Course Developer: Dr. Nadav Morag is an instructor at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS), US Naval Postgraduate School. At CHDS he teaches courses on policy analysis and research methodology as well as a course entitled "Comparative Government for Homeland Security." He has authored articles on terrorism, strategy, and the Middle East, including "The Economic and Social Effects of Intensive Terrorism: Israel 2000-2004" (Middle East Review of International Affairs) and "Measuring Success in Coping with Terrorism: The Israeli Case" (Studies in Conflict and Terrorism). He previously served as a senior director at Israel's National Security Council where he was responsible for developing policy recommendations in areas of national security for the prime minister and the cabinet.