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This course is open to Law Enforcement Officials in U.S. government agencies only (military, federal, state, local, tribal or territorial). 

This medium contains sensitive information exempt from mandatory disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C 552(b)(2). Do not release without prior approval of the Department of Homeland Security.

Course Overview

The US Naval Research Laboratory has identified expressions that suggest deception. The goal of this course is to increase knowledge and skill in identifying these various expressions. Completion of this course enhances an interviewer’s ability to identify micro-facial expressions associated with deception in real-time.

Course participants will be introduced to the fundamentals of lying and deception, as well as the characteristics of seven universal expressions of emotion, including those associated with deception. Participants will practice identifying the expressions using still and, then, video images. Finally, participants will learn to assess indicators of deception across three channels: face, body, and speech.

Basic Concepts Associated with Lying

Distinguishing Among Expressions of Emotions

Practice Test: Expressions Associated with Deception

Observing Facial Expressions in Real-Time

Recognizing Expressions in Real-Time

Detecting Deception Practice Test #1

Detecting Deception Practice Test #2

Developed by the US Naval Research Laboratory

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