Kevin Duffy

Maritime Security

Specialties & Interests

Law Enforcement

I assist clients in developing strategies, policies, operational plans, major exercises, training programs, and curricula for maritime law enforcement and security forces.


Drawing on more than two decades of experience, I advise clients in the creation of secure, consistent, professional, and whole-of government counterterrorism regimes.

Comparative Government

Having led operations and/or advisory missions on five continents, I am able to provide nuanced recommendations to clients navigating various cultural, legal, and government contexts.


Kevin Duffy is an independent maritime security consultant with a global portfolio. Past and current projects include supporting an international organization working to develop maritime counterterrorism forces and strategies for an island nation, advising a military alliance on an update to a maritime security training course, and contributing to a large consultancy’s effort to support the creation of a new economic and industrial hub overseas.

Kevin served on active duty in the United States Coast Guard for over twenty years, during which time he led deployable maritime security teams conducting counter-trafficking, Presidential security, disaster response, and partner nation training operations. He additionally served in the Office of the Secretary of Homeland Security and at a United States embassy, wrote enterprise strategy, and qualified as a sharpshooter and military diver. He deployed extensively throughout the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, and led a security advisory mission in Ukraine in 2017.

Kevin has been published over fifty times in a wide variety of outlets including the Boston HeraldHouston Chronicle, and CNN, on topics ranging from international affairs and national security to travel, sports, and art. He has additionally lectured at and created a self-study course on writing for the Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the United States Naval Postgraduate School.

Affiliation with CHDS

The CHDS experience offers so much more value than just the lessons learned as a participant in the sessions at Monterey (which are, in and of themselves, significant). My participation in the Executive Leaders Program also resulted in opportunities to lecture at the Center twice, create a CHDS Self-study Course, and helps me in my new private sector role to collaborate with government every day.


“One of the truly remarkable things about the United States military is the way in which it so strikingly encapsulates two very different yet very central aspects of the American identity: diversity of individuals and shared values of the group.”

“The management and execution of maritime counterterrorism activities are core functions and concerns for all coastal states. Likewise, while the specific nature of threats and actors may differ across regions and eras, the unique nature of the maritime environment will always mean that the states charged with designing and planning responses to specific cases of terrorist threats or actions at sea will actually face a remarkably consistent set of challenges.”

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