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What do you mean by 'graph'?

A graph is a fundamental data structure made of nodes and links. Students and instructors are represented by nodes and forum posts by links. This is how Moodle Graph represents a social network.

What is network analysis?

The group of tools used to compare the structure of graphs and their elements. For example, Google uses network analysis to rank search results. Pages are nodes and the links between them are hyperlinks.

What is social network analysis?

Social network analysis (SNA) uses tools, such as those found in Moodle Graph, to visualize and better understand relationships among nodes in a social network. SNA representations, such as social graphs, are very similar to the more general network graphs representing links between nodes in a network.

Why use social network analysis at CHDS?

CHDS students earn their degrees through a mixture of in-residence and distance education. Creating a new perspective on course activity could help students and instructors create a stronger sense of community and improve inter-organizational relationships.

What is centrality?

Centrality metrics can be used to rank nodes as they appear in a network. The number of direct connections a node has describes its degree centrality. Betweenness is another metric to describe a node's centrality. A node's betweenness corresponds to the relative number of shortest paths between other nodes in the graph.

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