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Visualize forums activity from a relational perspective.

Observe social learning dynamics for a particular forum or course.

Explore the role of centrality and betweenness in on-line social learning environments

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Works with Moodle

Use Moodle forums as you normally would. Moodle Graph will let you analyze past and present activity painlessly.

Network Analysis

Explore the connections a forum represents using metrics like betweenness and degree centrality.

Network Evolution

Engagement changes over the duration of a course. By observing an evolving network, these changes become visible.

Same Data, New Views

Moodle Graph uses the same data source as the existing Moodle forums. This allows discussions within any course to be analyzed. An instructor can compare previous versions of a course to evaluate curricula without exporting data to an external program.

Instructors are able to create and share graphs within Moodle allowing insights to be shared with students and other faculty.

Gain Insights

Using network analysis, students and instructors can gain insights into their course involvement. Immediately see the structure of a discussion in a visual layout.

Visualize Changes

The shape of a social learning network changes throughout the duration of a course. Moodle Graph allows the instructor to view time segments in one or more forums or to simply take a longitudinal perspective and observe one or more forums as movie.

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