Threats from Nation States

This self-study course from Dr. Seth Jones examines the current and future threat to the U.S. homeland from China, Russia, and Iran. The United States is increasingly engaged in competition with such nation-states as China, Russia, and Iran. Beijing has developed one of the most sophisticated cyber capabilities of any of the U.S.’s adversaries through such organizations as Unit 61398 of the People’s Liberation Army. Chinese agencies have also conducted information and intelligence operations in the United States, including stealing sensitive technologies, conducting offensive cyber operations, monitoring Chinese students, and pressuring publishers, companies, and researchers.

Moscow has meddled in U.S. elections and waged a disinformation campaign inside the United States, attempting to inflame social, racial, and political tensions through such issues as elections, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, Me Too Movement, gun control, white supremacy, and immigration. Russian agencies have also placed malware in U.S. critical infrastructure—threatening power plants, electricity grids, communications networks, and financial systems in the U.S. homeland.

Finally, Tehran has conducted a range of cyber and intelligence operations in the United States. The goal of this course is to better understand how these adversaries are threatening U.S. homeland security—and how the United States can better counter these efforts.

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