Stretched Too Thin: The Impact of Homelessness on U.S. Law Enforcement

As homelessness in the United States continues to impact local communities, law enforcement organizations situated at the forefront of the crisis are struggling to respond effectively. In this video based off his CHDS Master’s thesis, “Stretched Too Thin: The Impact of Homelessness on U.S. Law Enforcement,” Charles Fisher presents the findings of a nationwide survey of U.S. law enforcement personnel, which reveals that homelessness has a drastic effect on law enforcement organizations, and their attempts to respond appropriately cause many agencies to divert invaluable resources away from traditional law enforcement and homeland security efforts.

About the Presenter

Charles Fisher is a Lieutenant at the Torrance Police Department in Southern California, specifically Los Angeles county. In his experience as a sergeant in charge of a homeless outreach team for several years, Fisher became familiar with the obstacles and trials of both those suffering from homelessness and the officers that are engaged in those committees. Prior to attending CHDS at the Naval Postgraduate School, Fisher was assigned to a special investigations division, where he managed and commanded four proactive investigative units and traditional policing.

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