Rescue Strike Team, an Alternative to Rescue Task Force

Eric Saylors explains the research and drills the Sacramento, CA fire department undertook to reduce the response time involved in rescuing, treating and transporting the wounded in active shooter events. Saylors discusses how the department started from scratch and developed a new approach called Rescue Strike Team. This new approach significantly reduces a fire department’s timeframe for getting a victim from the time of injury to surgery, and therefore, greatly increases the survival rate.

About the Speaker

Eric Saylors is a student, educator, futurist, and Luddite. With 25 years in the fire service, Eric has built a record management system, ran chain saws on burning roofs, developed novel reporting standards, delivered enough children to fill a small daycare, and authored over twenty articles used to spark arguments in firehouses across the world. He has a degree in finance and a master’s degree in Security Studies from the Naval Postgraduate School’s Center for Homeland Defense and Security where he won the Outstanding thesis award for his thesis: “Quantifying a Negative: How Homeland Security Adds Value. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate at the University of Southern California. He has a single Post-it hanging on his locker door that reads, “I want to make the fire service better.”

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