Qualitative Data Analysis

In this module concerning research methods, qualitative data analysis is offered as a comprehensive tool to be used in research projects. This module will help you start the process of analyzing data by giving you a few basic instructions. Once you have completed this session, you will be ready to sit down and start analyzing your own data. First, we will quickly review the differences between quantitative and qualitative studies, and then describe the steps you will use to conduct an analysis, giving examples along the way. As you proceed through this module, you will notice that we have designed it to give you some simple guidelines for analyzing qualitative data as well. When you finish this session you will know enough about thematic analysis to get started on your own study, but you may still want to do some additional reading on this topic. At the conclusion of this module, you will find a list of resources which offer examples of the quantitative method in practice. Keywords: analysis, coding, qualitative data, quantitative data, research methods. Lecture by Dr. Lauren Wollman.

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