Program Evaluation

There are two types of evaluation: summative and formative. In a summative evaluation, program effectiveness is assessed at the end of the program using quantitative indices (e.g. completion rates, certification exams, etc). In formative evaluations, however, testimony and narrative are the data used, and program improvement is an ongoing goal. This module is divided into four parts, where Part 1 deals with the distinctions between the two types of evaluation, and their differences in purpose and focus. Part 2 emphasizes the several types of formative evaluations and their various processes and implementations. In Part 3, we turn to summative evaluation, describing it as a “goal-based” or “outcomes-based evaluation.” Part 4 briefly notes that your research must have two components; the conceptual and technical designs.  Keywords: formative evaluation, qualitative data, quantitative data, research methods, summative evaluation. Lecture by Dr. Lauren Wollman.

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