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Foreign Cyber Threats to the United States (annotated)

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On January 5, 2017, The Honorable James R. Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, delivered a Joint Statement for the Record to the Senate Armed Services Committee on foreign cyber threats to the U.S. The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security @

Sticky post is an App Store of Homeland Security Ideas.  CHDS Master’s participants are publishing new stories for 2017. Edited by Rodrigo Nieto Gomez Exercise: homeland security blog-posts to Garcia: A strategic exercise on individual entrepreneurship. First, students read message to… Continue Reading →

Increasing Road Infrastructure Capacity through the use of Autonomous Vehicles

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Don Simko. Roadway infrastructure is a critical component to U.S. homeland security. Overland transportation affects the national economy, emergency services, defense, and communication systems. This thesis by Don Simko, Emergency Management Program Specialist… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Social Network Analysis

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Course — website/web application. Developed in conjunction with Sean Everton, Co-Director and Michael Aspland, Faculty Associate for Research at the CORE Lab in the Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School This course is an introduction to social network analysis,… Continue Reading →

Moral Hazard in Flooding Disasters

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Kevin Starbuck Thesis Title: “Moral Hazard: How the National Flood Insurance Program Limiting Risk Reduction” Moral hazard occurs when people do not assume the full risk of an action or decision; they… Continue Reading →

Unmanned Aerial Systems Policy

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Brian Lee Thesis Title: “Protection, Profit, or Privacy: Exploring Strategic Solutions for Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the Delicate Balance Between Commercial Opportunity and Public Safety” Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: The Global Jihadi Threat

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Course — website/web application. Nadav Morag. [Updated Dec 2016] Islam is a faith of richness and complexity that has manifested itself over time in a broad variety of ways. Unfortunately, it is also used as the basis for the violent… Continue Reading →

CHDS Master’s Theses: December 2016 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 750+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or… Continue Reading →

Quantifying The Negative

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] For most homeland security agencies, success is measured by preventing events. However, when it comes to budgets it can be hard to quantify what didn’t happen and make the case for continued funding…. Continue Reading →

Resilience in Homeland Security

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Dan O’Connor In this interview, Dan O’Connor, Director Field Operations for the Chief Security Officer at FEMA, talks about the importance of resilience in Homeland Security. The term “resilience” refers to the ability to adapt to… Continue Reading →

Using Collaboration to Understand Border Security and Cartels

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Video – 2016 CHDS Casual Conversations. Jaeson Jones. Jaeson Jones, Captain (ret) Texas Department of Public Safety, is interviewed in this first episode of a series of Casual Conversations with CHDS Alumni and other subject matter experts in Homeland Security…. Continue Reading →

CHDS Booklist

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Full book list for every course These are some of the text books assigned to Master’s students at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security in 2015-2017 courses. See the list for all current courses:

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