Optimize or Die: Dynamic and Innovative Deployment Models for Fire Departments

NPS-CHDS master’s graduate Tyler McCoy (MA1803/1804), Captain/Paramedic at the City of Dayton, Ohio Fire Department, talks about his thesis which analyzes current fire department practices and explores how resource deployments can be modified by innovation and optimization to result in improved services to customers. Alternative response vehicles, mobile integrated healthcare, technology adoption, accreditation, and leveraging data for policy analysis are five opportunities examined in this thesis with data used from 10 fire departments, including Dayton Fire Department. The findings show that implementing alternative vehicles for responding to medical emergencies, leveraging technology, and using data for policy implementation to adopt a mobile integrated healthcare program may decrease the cost of providing services and improve response times to meet national standards. These findings may be beneficial to fire departments across the country that are experiencing budget reductions coupled with increased demand for services.

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