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United Kingdom

The National Inter-Agency Liason Officer Programme: Public Safety training from the U.K.

Interview — video. Peter Simpson. After serving 30 years in UK public service, including work in for the London Fire Brigade and the Metropolitan Police Service, Peter Simpson discusses the development of the National Inter-Agency Liason Officer program (NILO), which… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Counterterrorism in the United Kingdom

Course — website/web application. Paul Jonathan Smith. The following three modules address counterterrorism in the United Kingdom. Tracing the UK response to violent subnational terrorism back to its efforts against the PIRA in the 1970s through the 1990s, these modules… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – History, Radicalisation and the current Al-Qaeda Threat

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 1. This first module considers the recent history of terrorism in the UK, radicalization amongst the UK’s Muslim Community, and the UK’s current threat from Al-Qaeda. The “Irish Troubles”. The impact of the “Troubles” on… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – Policy Response

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 2.  This module addresses the development of national security strategy since 2001, touching on the guiding principles behind contemporary UK counterterrorism policy, as well as the history that informs it. UK counterterrorism strategy can be… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – Counterterrorism Structure and the Pursuit of Terrorists

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 3. This final module in the series explores the British domestic counterterrorism structure, emphasizing the importance of interagency cooperation in UK counterterrorism operations. It touches on the role of the British Security Service (MI5), the… Continue Reading →

MI5 – The UK Security Service

Lecture/presentation. In the midst of current national discourse concerning domestic intelligence responsibilities and the best intelligence solutions for the US, many have suggested that a MI5 style intelligence organization be created to supplant the FBI’s National Security Branch functions. MI5,… Continue Reading →

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