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Newest articles in Volume XIII (2017) published in April.   The issue contains an essay which explores new approaches to non-strategic deterrence of terrorist attacks based on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and a research article which examines the extent to… Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Aviation Industry – Mindfulness and a New Framework for Emergency Response

Video presentation at the 2016 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange). Ryan Fields-Spack Homeland Security professionals can lose focus in the grips of an emergency response in some cases endangering themselves and others. Ryan Fields, Coordinator, Office of Emergency Management, Aurora,… Continue Reading →

The Ever-evolving Security Landscape at the Transportation Security Agency

Video – interview. The TSA is undergoing fundamental changes designed to provide a simple, safe, and efficient means or transporting people, goods and services. Paul Fujimura, Assistant Administrator for Global Strategies, Transportation Security Administration talks about how these changes are… Continue Reading →

Agenda: Presentations at the 2014 Homeland Security Education Summit

The 2014 Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on October 09-10 2014 at the Marriott Colorado Springs. The theme of the 2014 event was: Rethinking Infrastructure Protection: Innovative Approaches for Education and Research Presentations included the following…. Continue Reading →

Agenda: Presentations at the 2013 Homeland Security Education Summit

The Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Burlington, Massachusetts on September 26-28 2013. The theme of the 2013 event was: Developing an Adaptive Homeland Security Environment Presentations included the following.  University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) participants can login to… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Critical Infrastructure Protection – Transportation Security

Course — website/web application. Kip Hawley. This self-study course is comprised of three lecture modules developed by Kip Hawley, former Administrator of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), focusing on risk-based solutions for airport and freight rail security and other related… Continue Reading →

Steel Wheel Security

Lecture/presentation Kip Hawley We spend so much time thinking and talking about aviation security, it clearly holds a key place within the national risk hierarchy. But as critical as the aviation network is for the United States, the rail network… Continue Reading →

Aviation Security: A Case for Risk-Based Passenger Screening

Interview — video. Kenneth Fletcher. The United States has invested considerable resources to improving aviation security. Despite technology and procedural improvements, passenger screening remains subject to much criticism. In this award winning thesis, Kenneth Fletcher discusses the many challenges to… Continue Reading →

Smarter Security

Lecture/presentation Kip Hawley It has been over ten years since the September 11 terrorist attacks, yet most would agree that commercial airline passengers still don’t experience smart security at today’s airport security checkpoints. If 99.9% of passengers pose no terrorist… Continue Reading →

Chemical Detection Architecture for a Subway System

Interview — video. Joselito Ignacio. This proposed system process aims to improve subway safety through better enabling the rapid detection and response to a chemical release in a subway system. The process is designed to be location-independent and generalized to… Continue Reading →

A Look at New Risk-Based Security Initiatives at TSA

Interview — video. John Pistole. TSA Administrator John Pistole discusses several new TSA risk-based security initiatives where the goal is to more effectively protect airline passengers from acts of terrorism without infringing upon their civil rights or inconveniencing them –… Continue Reading →

CHDS Student Thesis Series: The Transportation Security Administration’s Four Major Security Programs for Mass Transit – How They Can Be Improved to Address the Needs of Tier II Mass Transit Agencies

Interview — video. John Joyce. The nation’s transit agencies in urban areas have been classified as either Tier I or II. Tier I includes the nation’s 8 largest urban areas, with all other urban areas classified as Tier II. Since… Continue Reading →

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