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December 2016 theses released and available in the Homeland Security Digital Library.  The most recent outstanding thesis winner is Marcus Sexton, with his thesis work entitled “Forecasting Our Adversaries’ Next Move: Trend Analysis and the Department of Homeland Security’s Role in the… Continue Reading →

Da Vinci’s Children Take Flight: Unmanned Aircraft Systems In The Homeland

Interview — video. Jeanie Moore. In 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration will open national airspace to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). This thesis examines some of the key issues associated with UAS integration, including surveillance laws, data privacy, protection of life… Continue Reading →

The Role of Isolation in Radicalization: How Important Is It?

Interview — video. Erin Hug. This thesis provides an in-depth analysis of three well-known terrorists in order to illuminate the role isolation plays in the radicalization process. By better understanding the contributing factors of radicalization, homeland security officials may be… Continue Reading →

The Future of Responder Family Preparedness: The New Normal

Interview — video. James Hulings. The U.S. government has recently contended that communities cannot be “prepared” without first ensuring the safety of responders and their families. This thesis uses a selection research method to explore whether the development and execution… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: The Benefits of Collaborative Processes for Establishing All Hazard Incident Management Teams in Urban Area Security Initiative Regions

Interview — video. William Abbott. In 2008, consistent with past practice, the Phoenix Urban Area began a collaborative process to establish three All Hazards Incident Management Teams (AHIMT) with a three-year timeline for project completion. In 2013, one team is… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Does Community Trust in the Police Affect Homeland Security?

Interview — video. Patrick Walsh. The policing profession has evolved since the formalization of police forces in the late 1820s. Much of the change revolves around the community taking an interest in how the police conduct themselves and how they… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Twituational Awareness Using Crowdsourced #Disaster Epidemiology: Three Cases of Twituational Awareness

Interview — video. Dan Cain. Public health and other agencies need situational awareness to respond effectively to dangerous situations. Traditional means of obtaining this information requires significant time and personnel. Research demonstrates that social media may be a useful tool… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: The Effects of Obesity on Homeland and National Security

Interview — video. Daniel O’Connor. Through a series of policy decisions, innovations, and a growing complex food system, the United States has moved from a nation of people once considered to be undernourished, to a nation with 100 million obese… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Foreign Flag Vessels in the Great Lakes and the Risk to Homeland Security

Interview — video. Christopher Sweeney. In his thesis, Foreign Flag Vessels in the Great Lakes and the Risk to Homeland Security, USCG Lieutenant Commander Christopher Sweeney strives to bring an awareness of the problem that ships coming into the Great… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: The Road Less Traveled: Exploring the Experiences and Successes of Women Leaders in Homeland Security

Interview — video. Jonna West. Today, women constitute over 50% of the United States’ population. Yet, women are still a minority in many workforce fields, including homeland security. A woman currently leads the Department of Homeland Security, and women have… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Preventing School Shootings: a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence

Interview — video. Ed Welch. Gun violence in America must be addressed at the highest levels of society. Newtown, Aurora, and Virginia Tech were attacks on the very fabric of America. School shootings represent attacks on our nations’ future. A… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Does Homeland Security Constitute an Emerging Academic Discipline?

Interview — video. Michael Falkow. In the wake of 9/11, the enterprise now called homeland security rocketed into the limelight leaving an educational gap that many academic institutions rushed in to fill. Educators and scholars alike from various disciplines rallied… Continue Reading →

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