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Social network analysis

Self-Study Course: Social Network Analysis

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Course — website/web application. Developed in conjunction with Sean Everton, Co-Director and Michael Aspland, Faculty Associate for Research at the CORE Lab in the Defense Analysis Department at the Naval Postgraduate School This course is an introduction to social network analysis,… Continue Reading →

The Spread of Ideas: a Complexity Theory of Flashmobs

Lecture/presentation — video. Ted Lewis. Dr. Ted Lewis gives an in-depth look at complexity theory and how it applies to modern day phenomenon such as flashmobs.  This presentation was made at the 2014 Center for Homeland Defense and Security APEX… Continue Reading →


Moodlegraph is a dynamic graphing tool that allows you to do social network analysis on any or all Moodle forum discussions. Moodlegraph was developed by Richard Bergin, Ted Lewis and David Steinberg (former member of CHDS tech team). It can… Continue Reading →

Modeling Social Networks

Interview — video. Steve Lieberman. In this video Steve Lieberman, Ph.D. candidate from the MOVES Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School, discusses his use of network science to analyze the change in social networks and interactions over time to try… Continue Reading →

Network Science: Theory and Applications

Book. Lewis, Ted G.  Network Science: Theory and Applications. Wiley Press (2009). Network science helps you design faster, more resilient communication networks; revise infrastructure systems such as electrical power grids, telecommunications networks, and airline routes; model market dynamics; understand synchronization… Continue Reading →

Intelligence by Networks: An Effective Architecture for First Responders

Lecture/presentation — video. Joseph Pfeifer. This presentation was given as part of the State and Local Intelligence: Challenges for Homeland Security workshop sponsored and organized by the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security held July 12-14, 2007 in Monterey… Continue Reading →

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