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Social identity theory

NS4881: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security: framing the discourse

Syllabus — text. Anders Strindberg and David Brannan. Homeland security efforts in the United States constitute a project framed by the rule of law. Constitutional concerns, civil rights issues and the roles of the various disciplines engaged in the effort… Continue Reading →

The Roots of Our Children’s War: Identity and the War on Terrorism

Book. Deardorff, Brad. The Roots of Our Children’s War: Identity and the War on Terrorism. Agile Press (March 2013). Drawing on sixteen years of experience in counterterrorism operations, Brad Deardorff brings a fresh approach to understanding, countering, and preventing terrorism. With… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Understanding Terrorism: A Social Science View on Terrorism

Course — website/web application. David Brannan and Anders Strindberg. Over the last 25 years, much of the research on terrorism has been accomplished without rigorous adherence to analytical frameworks. This series of three modules will trace the history of religious… Continue Reading →

Religious and Theologically Motivated Terrorism

Lecture/presentation David Brannan 2-part series Module 1. Anyone who has traveled, watched TV or listened to the radio in recent years knows that terrorism has radically impacted American society. Religious terrorism in particular has become an important national security issue,… Continue Reading →

Social Identity Theory

Lecture/presentation Anders Strindberg 2-part series. Module 1: A Brief Overview of Terrorism Studies. The first module of this series provides a brief overview of the field of terrorism studies, following the evolution of terrorism throughout the 20th century to today, and… Continue Reading →

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