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DA3210: The Unconventional Threat to Homeland Security

Syllabus — text. David Brannan and Anders Strindberg The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the operational and organizational dynamics of terrorism. It considers those who act as individuals, in small groups or in large organizations;… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Understanding Terrorism: A Social Science View on Terrorism

Course — website/web application. David Brannan and Anders Strindberg. Over the last 25 years, much of the research on terrorism has been accomplished without rigorous adherence to analytical frameworks. This series of three modules will trace the history of religious… Continue Reading →

Religious and Theologically Motivated Terrorism

Lecture/presentation David Brannan 2-part series Module 1. Anyone who has traveled, watched TV or listened to the radio in recent years knows that terrorism has radically impacted American society. Religious terrorism in particular has become an important national security issue,… Continue Reading →

CHDS Student Thesis Series: Your Faith, My Fear: Countering Consent to Cosmic Positioning

Interview — video. Julie Nations. Addressing American fear of discourse on faith, as indicated through evolving American faith narratives, is essential in effectively countering modern day terrorism and to sustaining and securing the republic founded upon unique and enduring democratic… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Storm: The Religious Apocalyptic Imagination and Personal Disaster Preparedness

Interview — video. Anne Marie Albertazzi. This thesis examines the relationship between religious apocalyptic beliefs and disaster preparedness motivations in the United States. Four focus groups were convened with members of the American public who reported holding religious beliefs that… Continue Reading →

Faith-Based and Community Initiatives in Homeland Security in the State of Alabama

Interview — video. Sydney Hoffman. Sydney Hoffman, Director of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives for the Alabama Governor’s Office discusses her role in organizing community leaders using the combination of volunteerism, charity, and DHS sponsored programs to help train volunteers and… Continue Reading →

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