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Adaptive SOPs

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] Standard operating procedures (SOPs) guide emergency responders in a crisis, providing predetermined steps to manage anticipated events. However, modern disasters often manifest as complex systems and produce unanticipated outcomes.  As a consequence, the… Continue Reading →

The ABC’s of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Ramona Prieto What does the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control do, and what is its role in Homeland Security? In this interview, Ramona Prieto, Acting Director of the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, discusses… Continue Reading →

A Different Shade of Blue: an Evaluation of the Civilian Detective Concept and Its Impact on Police Capabilities

Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. David Green. Financial distress and shrinking police candidate pools have diminished cities’ abilities to protect the public. In this Viewpoints video, David Green, Lieutenant for the San Bernardino Police Department, discusses his CHDS Master’s… Continue Reading →

Countering the Cyber-Attack, a case-study

Interview — video. Keith Squires. A cyber-criminal organization electronically diverts funds, a hacking group uses their prowess to try to influence politics, these are examples of the evolving world of cyber crime. Keith Squires, Commissioner of Public Safety and Homeland… Continue Reading →

Agenda: Presentations at the 2013 Homeland Security Education Summit

The Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Burlington, Massachusetts on September 26-28 2013. The theme of the 2013 event was: Developing an Adaptive Homeland Security Environment Presentations included the following.  University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) participants can login to… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Preventing School Shootings: a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence

Interview — video. Ed Welch. Gun violence in America must be addressed at the highest levels of society. Newtown, Aurora, and Virginia Tech were attacks on the very fabric of America. School shootings represent attacks on our nations’ future. A… Continue Reading →

Future Trends in Public Safety

Lecture/presentation — video. Bernard Melekian. This presentation by Bernard K. Melekian was made at the 2013 Center for Homeland Defense and Security APEX Continuing Education Workshop held February 20-21, 2013 at the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security in… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security on the Tribal level – Building a Public Safety Program

Interview — video. Margaret Muhr. Margaret Muhr discusses the evolution of her Emergency Services program on Indian land, and the economic and cultural challenges involved in replicating her program among other tribal nations. Watch:

Suspicious Activity Reporting: It’s not the “who”

Interview — video. Scott Kelberg. Born of the 911 Commission Report and instituted in 2010, the Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative Program works with state and local law enforcement including fusion centers, and public safety agencies to become compliant with the… Continue Reading →

CHDS Thesis Series: The Contribution of Police and Fire Consolidation to the Homeland Security Mission

Interview — video. Vinicio Mata. Vinicio Mata’s thesis explores the idea of challenging a traditional organizational structure of public safety through the consolidation of police, fire and EMS into a single department to deliver public safety services to communities in… Continue Reading →

Agenda: Presentations at the 2010 Homeland Security Education Summit

The Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Feb. 24-25, 2010 at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C When the Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) sponsored its first Homeland Security Education Summit, discussions hinged on how to establish education programs… Continue Reading →

The United States Coast Guard and the Citizen’s Action Network

Interview — video. Michael Billeaudeaux. LT. Commander Andre Billeaudeaux of the United States Coast Guard discusses the Citizen’s Action Network program and its effect as a force multiplier for law enforcement and public safety. URL to share:

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