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NS4133: The Psychology of Fear Management and Terrorism

Syllabus — text. Fathali Moghaddam and Jim Breckenridge. This course serves as an introduction for homeland security professionals to terrorism as a psychological phenomenon. Government agencies involved in homeland security need to understand the psychological consequences of mass-casualty terrorist attacks… Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Democracy

Book. Moghaddam, Fathali M. The Psychology of Democracy. American Psychological Association (December 2015). Where democracy thrives, it seems far and away the best system of governance. Yet, relatively few countries have managed to transition successfully to democracy, and none of… Continue Reading →

Improving Intelligence Analysis for Homeland Security and Military Applications

Resources from Intelligence courses at Northeastern University. Syllabi: Intelligence Analysis Syllabus WIN 2015 Intelligence Analysis Syllabus SPR Fall 2014 These resources are available to participants in the University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) and requires a login (about the UAPI program)…. Continue Reading →

Psychology of Dictatorships

Lecture/presentation — video. Fathali Moghaddam. Psychology of Dictatorships: In this topical video essay, Dr. Fathali Moghaddam, Psychology Department, Georgetown University and Instructor at the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security, explains how societal and political conditions can act as a… Continue Reading →

The Role of Isolation in Radicalization: How Important Is It?

Interview — video. Erin Hug. This thesis provides an in-depth analysis of three well-known terrorists in order to illuminate the role isolation plays in the radicalization process. By better understanding the contributing factors of radicalization, homeland security officials may be… Continue Reading →

The Psychology of Dictatorship

Moghaddam, Fathali. The Psychology of Dictatorship. American Psychological Association (APA). (April 2013.) Ever since World War II, social scientists have recognized the crucial importance of these questions. Yet despite the great strides made in our understanding of dictatorships, most studies… Continue Reading →

Thinking Like a Terrorist

Interview — video. Michael German. Mike German, former undercover F.B.I. agent now Policy Counsel for the A.C.L.U. and author of “Thinking Like a Terrorist” gives his unique insight into the factors that motivate terrorists and how this should drive policy… Continue Reading →

The Psychological Effects of Media Exposure in the Case of a National Tragedy

Interview — video. Jim Breckenridge. In this Viewpoints segment, Dr. Jim Breckenridge discusses his research on the adverse effect of mass media exposure on the American public after a tragic or catastrophic event, using the Virginia Tech massacre in April… Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Homeland Security in the Media

Interview — video. David Silverberg. David Silverberg, founding editor of ‘HS Today’ magazine, discusses the public perception of the Department of Homeland Security and the challenges of conveying useful and actionable information to the Homeland Security professional. URL to share:… Continue Reading →

The Lucifer Effect

View a six-part video lecture on the The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Dr. Philip Zimbardo. The Lucifer Effect raises a fundamental question about the nature of human nature: How is it possible for ordinary, average, even… Continue Reading →

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