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Network analysis

Quantifying The Negative

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] For most homeland security agencies, success is measured by preventing events. However, when it comes to budgets it can be hard to quantify what didn’t happen and make the case for continued funding…. Continue Reading →

Tutorial: Risk Methods and Models

Tutorial – video and text. Ted Lewis. This tutorial will introduce you to the building blocks of risk-informed decision-making practiced within the homeland security enterprise. Risk assessment is a fundamental tool used to determine level of risk, and how best to allocate… Continue Reading →


Simulation/software. Ted Lewis. This application uses simulated termites picking up wood chips to show how random networks form. Over time it evolves into a cluster network, and finally a scale-free network. Network Concepts: emergence and self-organization. Download for Windows:… Continue Reading →

Bak’s Sandpile: Strategies for a Catastrophic World

Interview — video. Ted Lewis. In this interview, Dr. Ted Lewis discusses his latest book “Bak’s Sand Pile: Strategies for a Catastrophic World” and how it explains the dynamics of catastrophes in over-optimized networks and systems. URL to share:

Levy Flights and Walks

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Levy flights and walks are paths taken by animals and humans that qualify for the Casinos of Extremistan because they obey power laws. Professor Ted Lewis uses the spread of SARS and terrorism to illustrate… Continue Reading →

Bak’s Sand Pile

Book. Lewis, Ted G.  Bak’s Sand Pile. Agile Press (2011). Did the terrorist attacks on the United States in 2001, the massive power blackout of 2003, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the Gulf oil spill of 2010 ‘just happen’-or were… Continue Reading →

The Financial Meltdown of 2008: A Case Study

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. This module discusses the banking/financial sector of the US economy as one of the Federal government’s identified elements of critical infrastructure (CI). Analyzes of the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse by providing historical context and applying… Continue Reading →

Network Science: Theory and Applications

Book. Lewis, Ted G.  Network Science: Theory and Applications. Wiley Press (2009). Network science helps you design faster, more resilient communication networks; revise infrastructure systems such as electrical power grids, telecommunications networks, and airline routes; model market dynamics; understand synchronization… Continue Reading →

Network Analysis

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Watch larger at:

Risk Analysis

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Watch larger at:

Nodes and Links

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Watch larger at:

Network Theory

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Part 1 Watch larger at: Part 2 Watch larger at: Part 3 Watch larger at:

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