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risk equation

Tutorial: Risk Methods and Models

Tutorial – video and text. Ted Lewis. This tutorial will introduce you to the building blocks of risk-informed decision-making practiced within the homeland security enterprise. Risk assessment is a fundamental tool used to determine level of...

Levy Flights and Walks

Lecture/presentation. Ted Lewis. Levy flights and walks are paths taken by animals and humans that qualify for the Casinos of Extremistan because they obey power laws. Professor Ted Lewis uses the spread of SARS...

Network Theory

Lecture/presentation — flash. Ted Lewis. Part 1 Watch larger at: https://www.chds.us/?media/openmedia&id=1821 Part 2 Watch larger at: https://www.chds.us/?media/openmedia&id=1822 Part 3 Watch larger at: https://www.chds.us/?media/openmedia&id=1823