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Law enforcement

Adaptive SOPs

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] Standard operating procedures (SOPs) guide emergency responders in a crisis, providing predetermined steps to manage anticipated events. However, modern disasters often manifest as complex systems and produce unanticipated outcomes.  As a consequence, the… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security Affairs

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Newest articles in Volume XIII (2017) published in April.   The issue contains an essay which explores new approaches to non-strategic deterrence of terrorist attacks based on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and a research article which examines the extent to… Continue Reading →

A Different Shade of Blue: an Evaluation of the Civilian Detective Concept and Its Impact on Police Capabilities

Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. David Green. Financial distress and shrinking police candidate pools have diminished cities’ abilities to protect the public. In this Viewpoints video, David Green, Lieutenant for the San Bernardino Police Department, discusses his CHDS Master’s… Continue Reading →

Countering the Cyber-Attack, a case-study

Interview — video. Keith Squires. A cyber-criminal organization electronically diverts funds, a hacking group uses their prowess to try to influence politics, these are examples of the evolving world of cyber crime. Keith Squires, Commissioner of Public Safety and Homeland… Continue Reading →

Self-study Course: Deception Detection Techniques

The US Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security, has identified micro-facial expressions suggestive of deception. Using this information, the team created the Deception Detection Techniques Course to provide government personnel with the training to… Continue Reading →

Community-led Policing; a Vital Link to the Diaspora

  Interview — video. Mark Stainbrook. In this Viewpoints segment, Assistant Chief Mark Stainbrook of the San Diego Harbor Police addresses diaspora development in conjunction with community-led policing endeavors. In an effort to truly improve the relationship between displaced demographics… Continue Reading →

21st Century Strategies for Policing Protest: What Major Cities’ Responses to the Occupy Movement Tell Us About the Future of Police Response to Public Protest

  Interview — video. Max Geron. What can the Occupy Movement teach us about dealing with protests in the twenty-first century? With a focus on policing strategies, this thesis compares four major U.S. cities in an effort to find the… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Does Community Trust in the Police Affect Homeland Security?

Interview — video. Patrick Walsh. The policing profession has evolved since the formalization of police forces in the late 1820s. Much of the change revolves around the community taking an interest in how the police conduct themselves and how they… Continue Reading →

Reinventing a Police Department: Doing More with Less

Lecture/presentation — video. Rick Braziel. This presentation by CHDS alumnus Rick Braziel was made at the 2013 Center for Homeland Defense and Security APEX Continuing Education Workshop held February 20-21, 2013 at the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – Counterterrorism Structure and the Pursuit of Terrorists

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 3. This final module in the series explores the British domestic counterterrorism structure, emphasizing the importance of interagency cooperation in UK counterterrorism operations. It touches on the role of the British Security Service (MI5), the… Continue Reading →

Bridging the gap between the police and the community at N.Y.P.D.

Interview — video. Amin Kosseim. In this video interview, Deputy Inspector Amin Kosseim discusses the outreach programs sponsored by the Community Affairs Bureau, New York Police Department (NYPD). The interview includes specific guidance to police departments on how to start… Continue Reading →

CHDS Thesis Series: The Contribution of Police and Fire Consolidation to the Homeland Security Mission

Interview — video. Vinicio Mata. Vinicio Mata’s thesis explores the idea of challenging a traditional organizational structure of public safety through the consolidation of police, fire and EMS into a single department to deliver public safety services to communities in… Continue Reading →

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