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The Radicalization Puzzle

Lecture/presentation – video. Mohammad Hafez This 20 minute lecture, by Dr. Mohammad Hafez of the Naval Postgraduate School examines the driving factors behind the process of radicalization, turning seemingly ordinary men and women into potential terrorists. The lecture is based… Continue Reading →


Syllabus — text. Martin Alperen. OVERVIEW: This course begins an analysis of international terrorism. It provides in depth readings about Radical Islam and Jihad, and provides case studies of different terrorist groups and groups in different countries, all from multiple… Continue Reading →

Islamism: Global and Local Comparisons

Interview — video. Anders Strindberg. Dr. Strindberg discusses his new book “Islamism” which examines both the global and local manifestations of Islamism which are diverse and often divergent – and far more complex than what much of the current literature… Continue Reading →


Book. Strindberg, Anders.  Islamism. Polity (2011). Islamism has emerged as one of the most significant political ideologies of the 21st century. From the Islamic Revolution in Iran to the grinding struggle of Hizballah in Lebanon and the devastating 9/11 attacks… Continue Reading →

Perfect Enemy : the law enforcement manual of Islamist terrorism

Book. Olson, Dean T. Perfect Enemy : the law enforcement manual of Islamist terrorism. Charles C. Thomas Publishing (2009). On September 11, 2001, America’s 700,000 law enforcement officers were forcefully introduced to a new era in policing after Islamist terrorists… Continue Reading →

Global Jihadi Glossary of Terms

Glossary — website/web application. Nadav Morag.   Find:

The Global Jihadi Threat: Islam, Basic Principles, Origins and Divisions

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag. Module 1. Dr. Nadav Morag’s introduction to Islam serves as a backdrop for his discussion of the multifaceted Jihadist threat, as depicted in later modules. The principles, origins and divisions of Islam are critical to discerning the… Continue Reading →

The Global Jihadi Threat: The Role of Jihad in Islam

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag. Module 2. The subject of Jihad has been highly controversial as of late for both Muslims and non-Muslims. Dr. Nadav Morag emphasizes that Islamic tradition refers to two types of Jihad, one greater and one lesser: the… Continue Reading →

The Global Jihadi Threat: Islamic Civilization and the Western Challenge

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag Module 3.  In Dr. Nadav Morag’s third depiction of the global Jihadi threat, he explores the historical relationship between Islamic and Western civilizations, as well as the ways in which the Islamic world has attempted to cope… Continue Reading →

The Global Jihadi Threat: The Development of Islamic Extremism: From Ibn Abd al-Wahhab to Bin Laden

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag Module 4.  Dr. Nadav Morag focuses on the development of Islamic extremism as well as the approaches of various Muslim radicals in this fourth analysis of the Global Jihadi threat. Calling on the importance of honor innate… Continue Reading →

Islamic Radicalization and the U.S.

Interview — video. Bruce Hoffman. Dr. Bruce Hoffman is a professor in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service. He is considered by many to be the pre-eminent terrorism studies scholar today. His… Continue Reading →

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