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Information sharing

CHDS Student Thesis Series: Creating Domestipol: Increasing National Resilience by Reflecting on the NYPD Counterterrorism Model

Interview — video. Gustavo Rodriguez. Gus Rodriguez discusses the challenges of information sharing between police departments in the 50 largest cities in the US, advocating a model similar to INTERPOL, but on an inter-state level, called DOMESTIPOL. Conducting his research… Continue Reading →

US DEA Intelligence

Interview — video. Anthony P. Placido. Anthony Placido is the Chief Intelligence Officer for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration and in this interview, he discusses his top priorities and vision for U.S. DEA Intelligence. His challenges are many, including integrating… Continue Reading →

History of SSI, Aviation Security and Information Sharing

Lecture/presentation — flash. Andrew Colsky. Module 1.  The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 altered focus of many Federal agencies and generated a new emphasis on gathering intelligence data, threat information, and risk and vulnerability intelligence in order to prevent… Continue Reading →

Where Does SSI Fit in the Information Protection Puzzle?

Lecture/presentation — flash. Andrew Colsky. Module 2.  This second module concerning the role of SSI focuses on where sensitive security information fits into the confusing puzzle of information protection. First, an examination of information categorization is offered to communicate the… Continue Reading →

Denial and Deception

Lecture/presentation — flash. Jim Wirtz. There is virtually unanimous agreement that the information revolution has empowered individuals at the expense of governments and bureaucracies, giving everyday people communication, organizational, and analytical capabilities only possessed by national governments a few short… Continue Reading →

Intelligence Fusion

Interview — video. Paul France. Paul France is the Homeland Security Field Operations Manager for the state of Wisconsin. He is a current participant in the Naval Postgraduate School’s Homeland Security Master’s Program and is working on a thesis entitled ‘Preventing… Continue Reading →

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