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Newest articles in Volume XIII (2017) published in April.   The issue contains an essay which explores new approaches to non-strategic deterrence of terrorist attacks based on cognitive psychology and behavioral economics, and a research article which examines the extent to… Continue Reading →

Saving the Savable: Using Bystanders to Increase Survival From Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest in NYC

Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. Frank Leeb. Every year in America, thousands of people needlessly die following out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA). Because first responders in New York City (NYC) have difficulty arriving soon enough, cardiac arrest survival rates lag… Continue Reading →

The Future of Responder Family Preparedness: The New Normal

Interview — video. James Hulings. The U.S. government has recently contended that communities cannot be “prepared” without first ensuring the safety of responders and their families. This thesis uses a selection research method to explore whether the development and execution… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: The Effects of Obesity on Homeland and National Security

Interview — video. Daniel O’Connor. Through a series of policy decisions, innovations, and a growing complex food system, the United States has moved from a nation of people once considered to be undernourished, to a nation with 100 million obese… Continue Reading →

CHDS Student Thesis Series: Crossing the River, A Conceptual Framework for Response to Chaos

Interview — video. David Linthicum. This thesis suggests that the existing protocols for initial emergency response to a chaotic event do not take advantage of the decision-making skills of front-line responders. Building from a foundation derived from the concepts of… Continue Reading →

The Healthcare Emergency Management Program at Boston University

Interview — video. Kevin “Kip” Thomas. Dr. Kip Thomas discusses his new Healthcare Emergency Management program at Boston University and its unique approach towards educating first-responders and public health professionals. URL to share:

CHDS Thesis Series: Where Do I Start? Decision Making in Complex Novel Environments

Interview — video. Sara Diaz. Threats to our country have never been more real, nor had more potential to impact large populations of Americans. From the homeland defense perspective, some ideology-based groups have the ability and intent to attack the… Continue Reading →

CHDS Thesis Series: Making Sense in the Edge of Chaos: A Framework for Effective Initial Response Efforts to Large-Scale Incidents

Interview — video. Cynthia Renaud. A review of response efforts to 9/11 revealed considerable challenges to resolving an event of this magnitude. To cope with these challenges, the federal government created the National Incident Management System (NIMS), an organizational structure… Continue Reading →

Training California’s First Responders to Deal with Current Issues

Interview — video. Curry Mayer. In this interview Curry Mayer, Director of the California Specialized Training Institution discusses the program’s evolution from the 1970’s to the present – covering the CSTI’s roles in training its students on the topics of… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security in Israel – the Societal and First Responder Environments

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag Dr. Nadav Morag’s final lecture in this four-part series focuses on the societal and emergency responder environments in Israel. Preparedness and response efforts in Israel is traditionally multifaceted; as it prepares the public, and prepares the emergency… Continue Reading →

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