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Quantifying The Negative

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Play the audio: [download the .mp3 file] For most homeland security agencies, success is measured by preventing events. However, when it comes to budgets it can be hard to quantify what didn’t happen and make the case for continued funding…. Continue Reading →

Suicide in the Fire Service: Saving the Lives of Firefighters

Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. Steve Heitman. Steve Heitman, Fire Chief of the Mercer Island WA Fire Department, talks about his CHDS Master’s thesis research, looking at whether Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and firefighter suicide are on the rise in… Continue Reading →

Substance Testing In The Fire Service: Making Public Safety A Matter Of National Policy

  Interview — video. Chérie Penn. In this video from the CHDS Thesis Series, Chérie Penn, Assistant Chief of the Minneapolis Fire Department, focuses on the state of fire service substance-testing policy nationwide by analyzing 12 substance-testing policies from fire… Continue Reading →

Fighting Tomorrow’s Fire Today: Leveraging Intelligence for Scenario-Based Exercise Design

  Interview — video. Thomas Healy. As it stands, preparedness exercises are being conducted with minimal regard to previous exercises and real-world events. This thesis suggests that by looking into the past, emergency responders can promote intelligence-driven exercise design and… Continue Reading →

CHDS Thesis Series: The Contribution of Police and Fire Consolidation to the Homeland Security Mission

Interview — video. Vinicio Mata. Vinicio Mata’s thesis explores the idea of challenging a traditional organizational structure of public safety through the consolidation of police, fire and EMS into a single department to deliver public safety services to communities in… Continue Reading →

Fire Service Intelligence Enterprise: A Unique Program with a Big Impact

Interview — video. Michael Puzziferri. FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Michael Puzziferri discusses how the Fire Service Intelligence Enterprise pilot program he initially proposed and developed with support from DHS has expanded in scope and purpose, serving as a notable model… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security: Broadening the Horizon for the Fire Service

Interview — video. Gregory Dean. Gregory Dean, Chief of Seattle’s Fire Department identifies how the Homeland Security has challenged the fire service to form partnerships beyond local and regional boundaries and across disciplines to collaborate on training and information sharing… Continue Reading →

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