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Proceedings and Presentations from the 2015 Homeland Security Education Summit

 Proceedings: 9th Annual Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit The 9th Annual Homeland Defense and Security Education Summit was held on September 25-26, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando Florida. The theme of the event was Evolving Homeland Security… Continue Reading →

Providing Educational and Fellowship opportunities to the INA workforce

Interview — video. Nicholas Stark. In this interview Nicholas Stark, Academic Program Lead for the Intelligence & Analysis Directorate, talks about his program’s role in expanding INA employees’ educational opportunities. alternate video link

Agenda: Presentations at the 2014 Homeland Security Education Summit

The 2014 Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on October 09-10 2014 at the Marriott Colorado Springs. The theme of the 2014 event was: Rethinking Infrastructure Protection: Innovative Approaches for Education and Research Presentations included the following…. Continue Reading →

The Master’s Program at the Center for Homeland Defense and Security

  Interview — video. Heather Issvoran. The master’s program at CHDS is designed to educate emerging homeland security leaders to effect change and policies at their respective agencies and on a national level. In this segment, Heather Issvoran explains her… Continue Reading →

NORAD: Building an Educational Network

  Interview — video. Edward Campbell. In this Viewpoints interview, Joint Education Officer Ed Campbell discusses the building relationship between academia and NORAD (The North American Aerospace Defense Command). Campbell, along with NORAD, has been contributing to the development of… Continue Reading →

Intro to Distribution of National Security Programs

Interview — video. Scott Kelberg. In this Viewpoints session, Scott Kelberg discusses the management and distribution of instructive programs in homeland and cyber security. The National Preparedness Directorate (NPD) has been able to create optimal training programs and educational opportunities… Continue Reading →

The National Training, Education, and Exercise Division program: Preparing personnel for the future

Interview — video. Keith Holtermann. In this interview Keith Holtermann, Director of the NESC, identifies some of key changes that have occurred in the National Exercise Program (NEP) within the past decade. Most notably, he discusses their movement towards developing… Continue Reading →

Agenda: Presentations at the 2013 Homeland Security Education Summit

The Annual HD/HS Education Summit was held in Burlington, Massachusetts on September 26-28 2013. The theme of the 2013 event was: Developing an Adaptive Homeland Security Environment Presentations included the following.  University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) participants can login to… Continue Reading →

Thesis Series: Does Homeland Security Constitute an Emerging Academic Discipline?

Interview — video. Michael Falkow. In the wake of 9/11, the enterprise now called homeland security rocketed into the limelight leaving an educational gap that many academic institutions rushed in to fill. Educators and scholars alike from various disciplines rallied… Continue Reading →

The Healthcare Emergency Management Program at Boston University

Interview — video. Kevin “Kip” Thomas. Dr. Kip Thomas discusses his new Healthcare Emergency Management program at Boston University and its unique approach towards educating first-responders and public health professionals. URL to share:

Agenda: Presentations at the 2010 Continental Security Conference

Thirty-five leading homeland security academics and practitioners gathered Dec. 7-8, 2010 in Colorado Springs, Colo., to explore a relatively untapped topic of homeland security: Research on issues encompassing concerns among Canada, Mexico and the United States. The inaugural Continental Security… Continue Reading →

CHDS Thesis Series: Before the Emergency: A Framework for Evaluating Emergency Preparedness Alternatives at Higher Education Institutions

Interview — video. Laura Wilson. In this recently published thesis, Laura Wilson gathered information about the ways in which 10 higher education institutions (HEIs) in the U.S. are currently making decisions about which emergency preparedness activities to pursue and how… Continue Reading →

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