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DA3210: The Unconventional Threat to Homeland Security

Syllabus — text. David Brannan and Anders Strindberg The purpose of this course is to provide an introduction to the operational and organizational dynamics of terrorism. It considers those who act as individuals, in small groups or in large organizations;… Continue Reading →

The Roots of Our Children’s War: Identity and the War on Terrorism

Book. Deardorff, Brad. The Roots of Our Children’s War: Identity and the War on Terrorism. Agile Press (March 2013). Drawing on sixteen years of experience in counterterrorism operations, Brad Deardorff brings a fresh approach to understanding, countering, and preventing terrorism. With… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Understanding Terrorism: A Social Science View on Terrorism

Course — website/web application. David Brannan and Anders Strindberg. Over the last 25 years, much of the research on terrorism has been accomplished without rigorous adherence to analytical frameworks. This series of three modules will trace the history of religious… Continue Reading →

Religious and Theologically Motivated Terrorism

Lecture/presentation David Brannan 2-part series Module 1. Anyone who has traveled, watched TV or listened to the radio in recent years knows that terrorism has radically impacted American society. Religious terrorism in particular has become an important national security issue,… Continue Reading →

Self-Study Course: Counterterrorism in the United Kingdom

Course — website/web application. Paul Jonathan Smith. The following three modules address counterterrorism in the United Kingdom. Tracing the UK response to violent subnational terrorism back to its efforts against the PIRA in the 1970s through the 1990s, these modules… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – History, Radicalisation and the current Al-Qaeda Threat

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 1. This first module considers the recent history of terrorism in the UK, radicalization amongst the UK’s Muslim Community, and the UK’s current threat from Al-Qaeda. The “Irish Troubles”. The impact of the “Troubles” on… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – Policy Response

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 2.  This module addresses the development of national security strategy since 2001, touching on the guiding principles behind contemporary UK counterterrorism policy, as well as the history that informs it. UK counterterrorism strategy can be… Continue Reading →

Counter-terrorism in the UK – Counterterrorism Structure and the Pursuit of Terrorists

Lecture/presentation. Paul Jonathan Smith. Module 3. This final module in the series explores the British domestic counterterrorism structure, emphasizing the importance of interagency cooperation in UK counterterrorism operations. It touches on the role of the British Security Service (MI5), the… Continue Reading →

Comparative Homeland Security: France and the United States – their respective approaches to combating terrorism

Interview — video. Jean-Louis Bruguiere. Judge Jean-Louis Bruguieere, the acclaimed French counterterrorism Judge, describes some of the inner-workings of the French Magistrate’s approach toward investigating and prosecuting terrorism cases in comparison to policies developed by the United States since the… Continue Reading →

Syllabus: Terrorism and Counterterrorism Law in the United States

Syllabus — text. James Castagnera. This online, distance-learning course is intended to introduce you to the American laws relating to terrorism and the combating/prevention of terrorism. My approach to the topic is the case-study method. Each week, we will read… Continue Reading →

Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons

Book. Morag, Nadav.  Comparative Homeland Security: Global Lessons. Wiley Press (October 2010). Students and practitioners of Homeland Security have generally not looked beyond U.S. borders in terms of searching for solutions to existing H.S. policy problems. Comparative Homeland Security: Global… Continue Reading →

Homeland Security in Israel – Terrorism Threats and the Legal Environment

Lecture/presentation Nadav Morag This first module on Homeland Security in Israel focuses on the threat environment and the legal and political realities within which Israeli counterterrorism and homeland security policies operate. Two categories of ongoing terrorist threats exist in Israel;… Continue Reading →

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