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Sociotechnical Identity influences threats to security?

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Seven Gerard. As man and machine have become ever more intertwined, technology is altering the perception of self-identity. This holds implications for homeland security. Sevan Gerard, a Firefighter/Paramedic with the Los Angeles Fire… Continue Reading →

Fracking: Unintended Consequences for Local Communities

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Chad Stangeland. The advent of hydraulic fracturing and the ability to bore horizontal wells have changed the energy industry for better and worse since 2005. Advancements have dramatically increased the extraction of oil… Continue Reading →

Grand Challenges in Homeland Security

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Cal Bowman. What global grand challenges we face today that will have an impact on the homeland security landscape twenty-five years from now? Today, a grand challenge is intended as a call-to-action for… Continue Reading →

Increasing Road Infrastructure Capacity through the use of Autonomous Vehicles

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016. Don Simko. Roadway infrastructure is a critical component to U.S. homeland security. Overland transportation affects the national economy, emergency services, defense, and communication systems. This thesis by Don Simko, Emergency Management Program Specialist… Continue Reading →

Moral Hazard in Flooding Disasters

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Kevin Starbuck Thesis Title: “Moral Hazard: How the National Flood Insurance Program Limiting Risk Reduction” Moral hazard occurs when people do not assume the full risk of an action or decision; they… Continue Reading →

Unmanned Aerial Systems Policy

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Video – CHDS Thesis Series Fall 2016 – Brian Lee Thesis Title: “Protection, Profit, or Privacy: Exploring Strategic Solutions for Integrating Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and the Delicate Balance Between Commercial Opportunity and Public Safety” Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and… Continue Reading →

Resilience in Homeland Security

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Video interview – Viewpoints. Dan O’Connor In this interview, Dan O’Connor, Director Field Operations for the Chief Security Officer at FEMA, talks about the importance of resilience in Homeland Security. The term “resilience” refers to the ability to adapt to… Continue Reading →

Using Collaboration to Understand Border Security and Cartels

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Video – 2016 CHDS Casual Conversations. Jaeson Jones. Jaeson Jones, Captain (ret) Texas Department of Public Safety, is interviewed in this first episode of a series of Casual Conversations with CHDS Alumni and other subject matter experts in Homeland Security…. Continue Reading →

Beyond Sister City Agreements: Exploring the Challenges to Full International Interoperability

Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. Calvin Shanks. Communities on the international border are often interconnected by more than simple proximity. They are connected through social networks, economy, culture, and shared natural resources. Despite this interdependent relationship, and in spite… Continue Reading →

The Ethical Imperative of Reason: How Anti-Intellectualism, Denialism, and Apathy Threaten National Security

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Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. Greggory Favre This thesis explores the roots and manifestations of anti-intellectualism, denialism and apathy. Philosophical in its design, this research explores the following question: What are the potential effects of cultural anti-intellectualism on the… Continue Reading →

A Different Shade of Blue: an Evaluation of the Civilian Detective Concept and Its Impact on Police Capabilities

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Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. David Green. Financial distress and shrinking police candidate pools have diminished cities’ abilities to protect the public. In this Viewpoints video, David Green, Lieutenant for the San Bernardino Police Department, discusses his CHDS Master’s… Continue Reading →

Flight Plight: an Examination of Contemporary Humanitarian Immigration from Honduras, Cuba and Syria to the United States with Considerations for National Security

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Video – 2016 CHDS Thesis Series. Catherine Ventura. CHDS graduate Catherine Ventura, Immigration Officer for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, received the March 2016 award for Outstanding Thesis.  In this Viewpoints video, she discusses her work, which examines contemporary U.S. immigration for… Continue Reading →

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