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Annotated Worldwide Threat Assessment 2021

The Annual Threat Assessment of the US Intelligence Community is presented to Congress by the Director of National Intelligence (DNI). Since 2014, CHDS has produced a media-enhanced annotated version of the text document.

Border Patrol Agent talks with migrants

Alumni Short Talks: Hearing Muted Voices: Using Radical Subjectivity to Address Homeland Security Issues

As technology becomes more prevalent and impersonal, Lier Chen challenges policymakers to stop their reliance upon simplistic interpretations of data that cause reactionary decisions. She provides a new tool, Muted Voices, that uses radical...

Alumni Short Talks: No Crisis Left to Waste: Exploring Convergent Themes in Extremist Propaganda

John Gordon provides insight into how Salafi-Jihadist extremists as well as racially/ethnically motivated extremists seek to maintain relevance by using propaganda to exploit the isolation and frustrations of COVID 19 and domestic political tensions....