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The Reflecting PoolThe Reflecting Pool is a series of informal conversations with CHDS Homeland Security Master’s program students about their thesis research, the spark that led to the selection of their topic, research challenges and personal experiences with the thesis process. Participants also discuss how the topic relates to the broader homeland security enterprise and what it’s like to be part of the master’s program.

Host Bijan Karimi
Hosted by Bijan Karimi, CHDS master’s degree program graduate (cohort 1402). Bijan is Assistant Deputy Director for the San Francisco Department of Emergency Management.
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Better Safe Than Sorry

Play the audio: Why does the click-through rate on threatening headlines far exceed those that are more benign?  Calling something a threat through a provocative headline or soundbite initiates a biological reaction that almost...

Unbounded Risk

Play the audio: Providing perfect security in an era of unbounded risk is impossible. In my interview with Jack Anderson (Masters 1401), we talk about caribou scapula divination among Canadian nomadic tribes, jazz standards,...