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Better Safe Than Sorry

Play the audio: Why does the click-through rate on threatening headlines far exceed those that are more benign?  Calling something a threat through a provocative headline or soundbite initiates a biological reaction that almost...

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Thesis Series: Beyond the first 48: Incorporating Non-Traditional Stakeholders into Incident Response

  In this Master’s Thesis Series interview, Octavio Saenz speaks with Emily Jane McLoughlin (MA1801/1802), Emergency Preparedness Program Manager for the Department of Public Safety Communications and Emergency Management in Arlington, VA, about the...

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Thesis Series: The ‘English Disease’ and Political Protest

  In this Master’s Thesis Series video, Octavio Saenz interviews Christopher Barney (MA1801/1802), Battalion Chief for Portland Oregon Fire & Rescue, about the research behind his thesis “The ‘English Disease’ and Political Protest: How...