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Introducing “Homeland: The Podcast”

Listen to Audio:  Introduction to this Podcast and the CHDS Southern California Regional Alumni Chapter, it’s lead and co-leads. We hope this podcast becomes a forum to discuss, debate and educate listeners in a...

Homeland: the Podcast

Homeland: the Podcast

In Homeland: the Podcast, CHDS Master’s Alum Frank Forman, cohort 1305/1306, brings you yesterday’s pioneers, today’s leaders and tomorrow’s visionaries within Homeland Security.  Homeland: the Podcast is produced by CHDS’ Southern California Regional Alumni Chapter.

Viewpoints in Homeland Defense and Security


In these Viewpoints in Homeland Defense and Security, the nation’s HS leaders give opinions on current issues and challenges facing the country, such as intelligence and information-sharing, critical infrastructure protection, borders and immigration, terrorist...