NS4232: Knowledge into Practice: A Homeland Security Capstone Course

Syllabus — text.
Chris Bellavita.

This course is intended to provide participants the opportunity to expand their ability to enact the knowledge and technical learning acquired in the courses leading up to the capstone. The material in other CHDS courses and the capstone experience, taken together, will provide participants with the motivation and skills to perform their professional roles in new ways, ways that will initiate and sustain change even at the level of the broader institutional context of governance in which they must function.

This resource is available to CHDS alumni and participants in the University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) and requires a login (about the UAPI program).

Updated November 2017

Download: https://www.chds.us/?media/openmedia&id=2618

This course is taught as part of the CHDS Master’s program curriculum.

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