NS3014: Research and Writing for Homeland Security | NS4081: Research Colloquium

Syllabus — text.
Lauren Wollman.

The purpose of the research sequence (NS3014 and NS4081) is to advance your critical thinking, research and inquiry skills; you will use these skills to produce a strong thesis proposal (in this course sequence), and then later for the final thesis. We will identify and practice the main steps and modalities of good research.

The goal of the sequence is to support the degree objectives of the CHDS Master’s program by preparing you to conduct graduate-level, policy-relevant research and deliver the results of this research in an academically rigorous thesis. The thesis is arguably your primary deliverable in the Master’s program. By the end of the NS3014-NS4081 sequence, you will have prepared a proposal for a thesis that is intellectually rigorous, feasible, and reflects the policy interests and needs of the homeland security community.

This resource is available to CHDS alumni and participants in the University and Agency Partnership Initiative (UAPI) and requires a login (about the UAPI program).

Updated August 2017

Download: https://www.chds.us/?media/openmedia&id=3093

This course is taught as part of the CHDS Master’s program curriculum.

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