NS4881: Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Homeland Security: framing the discourse

Syllabus — text.
Anders Strindberg and David Brannan.

Homeland security efforts in the United States constitute a project framed by the rule of law. Constitutional concerns, civil rights issues and the roles of the various disciplines engaged in the effort are driven and impacted by the various local, state and federal systems of law. Multi-discipline Approaches to Homeland Security allows students to explore the homeland security project in relation to the laws that support and constrains it. Both historical and contemporary references are used to unpack the various issues and answer related questions. The role of community policing in homeland security and defense, civil-military relations in prevention and response, the USA PATRIOT Act and the handling of US citizens detained for terrorist violations are just some of the subjects that dominate the discourse. While the military, law enforcement and judicial issues are a central concern of the class, students consider the range of issues in relation to many other disciplines engaged in homeland security and defense.

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Updated November 2017

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This course is taught as part of the CHDS Master’s program curriculum.

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