Theses from the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security

June 2018 theses released and available in the Homeland Security Digital Library.  The most recent outstanding thesis winner is Samantha Korta, with her thesis work entitled “Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and Lies: An Information Laundering Model for Homeland Security.”

Students in the CHDS Master’s program cultivate the academic field of homeland security through the generation and synthesis of cutting-edge knowledge in the form of a thesis.

Over 800 CHDS theses are full-text searchable in the Homeland Security Digital Library.

In addition, a list of all Outstanding Thesis Winners, with links to their theses, is available on the CHDS website.  The first CHDS theses, from cohort 0301, were published after graduation in 2004. Recent theses, from cohort 1605/1606 were published after graduation in March 2018.

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