Cyber-commander Hackathon: team projects

The term hackathon is traditionally used in the context of events for coders who look for data solutions in compressed time horizons. Nevertheless,  it can also be used to define more general “focused innovation efforts.” For this challenge, students in the CHDS Master’s program Fall 2015 Cybersecurity course were asked to act like cyber decision makers, designing prototypes of digital technologies to improve the homeland security enterprise, while being cognitively aware of cybersecurity challenges.  Here are results!



Description: SAFE is a mobile phone app that connects civilians and safety providers during emergencies and evacuations.  SAFE helps users communicate and coordinate both evacuation and rescue operations.  Website


Description: HALO from Secure Industries is a unique hardware and software solution to integrating tools for  sensing, navigation, and safety in hazardous environments.  Website


Description: The only tool you need for up-to-date, available, and actionable COOP with best-in-class execution in a continuity situation. Presiliency is the solution for your continuity plan.  Website


Description: Time is of the essense in public safety. Lives can be saved or lost in a matter of seconds. With 2SAT’s unique Social Media Interface Aggregator, you can now harness the power of twitter, facebook, snapchat and a variety of other network applications.  Website

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