A Practitioner’s Way Forward: Terrorism Analysis

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Brannan, David W., Kristin M. Darken and Anders Strindberg. A Practitioner’s Way Forward: Terrorism Analysis.  Agile Press (August 2014).

This book provides practitioners and analysts in the field with effective tools for conducting analysis of terrorist groups and other violent substate groups. Free from unnecessary jargon and presented in a user-friendly format, the book offers analytical perspectives and techniques that are practical as well as intellectually rigorous; accessible and instantly applicable, while also based on solid social science theory and methodology. Part handbook, part reference book, it identifies the major obstacles to effective analysis, examines the most commonly used interpretations of terrorism, and goes on to present a unified model for analysis. This model, based on insights from social psychology, is highly adaptive and can be applied by the analyst to violent substate groups across the ideological and geographical spectrum. The final chapter contains a number of such applications—ways of doing analysis using real examples—to which the reader can refer for clarification and guidance.

Dr. David Brannan and Dr. Anders Strindberg teach for the Center for Homeland Defense and Security.

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