CHDS Master’s Theses: June 2021 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 1000+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the June 2021 theses below.

  • Addressing FEMA’s Recruitment Challenges: Lessons from Teach for America
    Ellenwood, Mikaela
  • Carrot or Stick–a Multiple Case Study of Anti-Corruption and Incentive-Based Programs and Lessons Learned
    Garcia, Cesar
  • New Normal: Integrating Wireless Sensor Network Systems into Fire Service Tactical Operations
    Kelly, Antoine D., Jr.
  • United States Coast Guard and Spontaneous Volunteers: Collaboration or Chaos During Disaster Response
    Gilbert, Joshua R.
  • Theoretical Foundations of Community Disaster Resilience
    Barnes, Jill M.
  • Protecting America’s High Ground: A Public-Private Response to Space Debris
    Repair, Christopher W.

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