CHDS Master’s Theses: March 2021 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 1000+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the March 2021 theses below.

  • Dual Disruptions: Overcoming the Effects of Disasters and Mis-, Dis-, and Mal-Information on Democracies
    McLane, Lauren
  • Beyond Reform: Better Policing Through Systems Thinking
    Bagby, Christopher R.
  • Connecting Law Enforcement Records Management Systems
    Birkenfeld, Martin L., Jr.
  • Fire When Ready: A Needs-Based Analysis of Firearms in the U.S. Fire Sector
    Zam, Christopher E.
  • Every Community an Island: Preparing for Catastrophic Disasters
    Card, Sean
  • I’ve Got My AI on You: Artificial Intelligence in the Law Enforcement Domain
    Baker, Eric M.
  • If You Love Them, Let Them Go: A Comparative Analysis of Rotational Programs and Recommendations for the Homeland Security Enterprise
    Stone, Marcie
  • Realizing Resilience: A Study of Definition, Indicators, and Operationalization
    Raycroft, Jill
  • Policing for the 22nd Century: A Complexity Theory-Based Approach
    Hollan, Brian T.
  • Monitoring the Unpredictable: What Can Law Enforcement Do to Track Potential Active Shooters?
    Reyna, Robert A.
  • Normalizing Cybersecurity: Improving Cyber Incident Response with the Incident Command System
    Hanson, Darin T.
  • In the Line of Fire: Safeguarding America’s Election Security
    Hughes, Laura A.
  • Policing the Aerotropolis: A Model for Securing the Nation’s Large Airports
    Cousins, Joshua T.
  • Saving Our Own: Maximizing CBRN Urban Search and Rescue Capabilities to Support Civil Authorities
    Wagner, Robert T.
  • Security Cooperation with Cuba: The Impact of Normalization on the Coast Guard’s Relationship with the Cuban Border Guard
    Cromwell, Derek
  • Stepping Out of the Shadows: Leveraging the Community to Stop the Sexual Exploitation of Minors
    Yerkes, Elisabeth
  • Strategic Communications and the Department of Homeland Security: Immigration Policies, Mixed Messaging, and Information Fratricide
    Graham, Jonathan M.
  • Case for Affirming Diversity: Reflective Recruitment That Represents the Community Served
    Pulvermacher, Joseph J.
  • Crisis of Legitimacy After Police-Related Civilian Deaths: Applying the Cynefin Framework to Legitimacy-Developing Policies
    Espinoza, Stephen
  • Crowd Machine: Leveraging Emergent Crowd Behavior in Policy and Response
    Cooper, Craig M.
  • Why We Serve: Public Service Motivation and What the USCIS Mission Means to Its Workforce
    Witt, Katie

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