Creating a Personal Brand Strategy

In this talk, Heather Issvoran discusses the importance of first impressions and understanding your online presence. She provides suggestions on developing a professional brand identity, selecting relevant platforms for your purposes, and growing an audience for your content.

About the Speaker

For two decades, Heather Issvoran has been the bridge between homeland security practitioners and global thought leaders on topics of resilience, homeland security, and emergency management. Ms. Issvoran scours the country, ensuring the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security (CHDS) enrolls the very best candidates for its executive and graduate programs. Her responsibilities include contract support for strategic communications, agency outreach, student and alumni relations, recruitment, and public affairs. She supervises and coordinates Center communications on the national level for print, broadcast, and web-based media, working closely with both the Naval Postgraduate School and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security leadership on these endeavors. She leads a strategic communications operation and department that shares, shapes, and demonstrates the impact and success stories of CHDS students, faculty, staff, and alumni and reaches out to a national audience of academics and practitioners. In her previous position in contract support for CHDS as the Director of Program Operations, Ms. Issvoran provided logistical planning, coordination, and execution of the Center’s master’s degree programs, executive leaders programs, conferences, and workshops. Ms. Issvoran enhanced and streamlined program operations while working with government partners to accommodate additional programmatic goals.


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