CHDS Master’s Theses: December 2020 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 1000+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the December 2020 theses below.

  • Assimilation Through the Ballot: How Voting Facilitates Integration into American Life
    Knowlton, Nicholas D.
  • Little Less Talk and a Lot More Action: How Can Law Enforcement Enhance the Recruitment of Women?
    Newman, Michelle L.
  • Study of Musicology and Social Discourse in Mid-Twentieth-Century America
    Briggs, James B.
  • Electronic Border Searches After ‘Riley’
    Bode, Aaron
  • Avoiding the Cassandra Complex: Improving Warnings and Notifications for People with Functional and Access Needs
    Miller, Sean D.
  • It Starts at Home: Internal Actions Police Agencies Can Take to Improve Staffing
    Haynes, Mark L.
  • Refugee Radicalization in the United States: Scope of Threat and Steps Toward Mitigation
    Rosich, Nicole M.
  • Assumption and Adaptation in Emergency Response: Evaluating the Strategic Approach of the National Incident Management System
    Chapman, Charles W.
  • Cybercrime Response Capabilities and Capacity: An Evaluation of Local Law Enforcement’s Response to a Complex Problem
    Monaghan, Ryan M.
  • Peer Support in Law Enforcement
    Scherer, Cathy J.
  • Improving the U.S. Immigration System: Lessons Learned from the Diversity Visa, Family, and Merit-Based Immigration Programs
    Bierman, Vlada
  • Standardization of Specialization: Regional Task Force Swat Team Response to Critical Incidents
    George, Jonathan A.
  • Blip on the Radar: School Safety Synergy Through Early Warning and Information Sharing
    Dias, Bruno S.
  • ‘Danger Close’: The Need for a Nationwide Deconfliction and Notification System for All Law Enforcement Agencies
    Nyhus, Brian A.
  • Road Map to Successful Immigrant Integration for Local Leaders
    O’Malley, Robert
  • Tainted Love, Crab Pickers, and Opportunities for Fraud: A Comparative Analysis of Deterrence Mechanisms in USCIS
    Perdomo, Mildred
  • Fire Service Intelligence: Informed Strategies, Operations, and Tactics
    Phillips, Derrick D.
  • What We Have Here is a Failure to Tourniquet: Increasing the Efficacy of Hemorrhage Control Training
    Werner, William C.
  • Mapping the Manosphere: A Social Network Analysis of the Manosphere on Reddit
    Fitzgerald, Kelly C.
  • Sleeping Beauty’s Secret: Identity Transformation in Female Suicide Terrorists
    Lynn, Judith W.
  • Stretched Too Thin: The Impact of Homelessness on U.S. Law Enforcement
    Fisher, Charles
  • Muted Voices: Toward an Understanding of the U.S. Asylum Program at the Southwest Border
    Chen, Jaime
  • Subversive Influence: Vulnerabilities of the United States and Its Elections to Russian Interference Campaigns
    McMasters, Daniel H.
  • Thin Blue Line: Improving Job Satisfaction to Increase Retention in Law Enforcement
    Barnett, Lisa M.
  • ‘We Need a Bomb Tech … ‘ Integrating the Bomb Squad with Swat
    Klok, Richard L., Jr.
  • Foreign-Born Human Trafficking–A Dark Spectre Haunting America: An Examination of the Sex and Labor Trafficking Landscape
    Haunsperger, Natasha B.

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