CHDS Master’s Theses: September 2020 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 1000+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the September 2020 theses below.

  • Defending American Democracy in the Post-Truth Age: A Roadmap to a Whole-Of-Society Approach
    Mason, Katelyn M.
  • Disasters, Finances, Nutrients, and Climate Change: A Case for Waterless Sanitation Systems
    Smith, Ryan A.
  • Effective Funding Strategy for Washington State Emergency Management Programs
    Gillespie, Amy
  • Catch-22: Relations Between Labor Unions and Management in Public Safety
    Dudek, Matthew
  • Beyond the First 48: Incorporating Nontraditional Stakeholders into Incident Response
    Zahreddine (McLoughlin), Emily J.
  • Leveraging Bystander Emergence in Mass Casualty Incidents
    Hodgson, Luke J.
  • Fast Knowledge: Innovating in Homeland Security by Learning in Near Real-Time for High-Threat Events
    Marino, Michael J.
  • Gods Versus Titans: Ideological Indicators of Identitarian Violence
    Adamczyk, Christopher J.
  • How Can Architecture Make Communities and Urban Environments More Resilient to Disease?
    Garofalo, Jeffrey A.
  • Lone Actor Terrorists: The Performance of Hegemonic Masculinity Through Acts of Violence
    Windisch, Beth
  • Modeling for Success: Strengthening Homeland Security Through Vocational-Based Offender Programming
    Travelbee, Brently C.
  • Prepare to Fight: Is the National Active-Shooter Response Model Due for an Upgrade?
    Tannenbaum, Suzanne E.
  • Statewide Access Programs: A Key Component to Eliminating the Post-Disaster Access Challenge
    Renteria, George
  • Key to Lawful Access: An Analysis of the Alternatives Offered in the Encryption Debate
    Mack, William R.
  • Perfect Storm: Climate-Induced Migration to the United States
    Wright, Katelin M.
  • Trolls or Threats? Challenges of Alt-Right Extremism to Local Law Enforcement
    Bobin, Jonathan M.

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  1. Franz Von Hofler says:

    the leftist bias here inferred clearly is a violation of our rights as citizens to freedom from such inewindows utilized by people who actively seek to seed our government and educational system with unethical propaganda designed to destroy the American family unit. please accept this as a prelude to a formal grievance. masculinity is not a disease and family’s are not subversives. and republicans and other right wing conservatives are NOT the enemies of Law Enforcement, we are their Strongest Advocates. If these sort of thesis are your examples, i must doubt the governments commitment to remaining unbias academically and for the sake of true democratic justice.

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