Imagination, Improvisation, and Innovation in Emergency Management Education

Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Emergency Management Higher Education Symposium: Imagination, Improvisation, and Innovation in Emergency Management Education. June 1-4, 2020 [pdf]


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Monday June 1, 2020

DHS and FEMA Connections: Information Exchange for Curricula and Practice

Interagency Recovery Coordination Division, FEMA Technical Assistance, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, DHS Office of University Programs

View video: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Presentations: Eleanor Hajian [pdf] | Karen Marsh [pdf] | Kathleen Boyer [pdf] | Laura O’Connell [pdf]

What to Teach in Emergency Management: Thoughts for New Instructors in the Disaster Discipline

Dr. David McEntire

View video | Presentation [pdf]

Survey of Geographic Information Systems for Disaster Management Research, Teaching and Service

Kevin Mickey, Unai Miguel Andres; Marianne Cardwell, The Polis Center at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


Tuesday June 2, 2020 – Igniting Imagination and Building Community

Welcome and Opening Remarks | Singing Tree

Chad Gorman | Laurie Marshall

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First Steps in Effective Emergency Management Administration: Igniting Imagination to Build and Sustain Community Impact

Lee Rush

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Academic Contributions to COVID-19 Response and Recovery

Dr. Jack Rozdilsky, Dr. Jennifer Tobin, Dr. Eric Stern, Glen Woodbury

View video | Presentation [pdf]

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in Homeland Security and Emergency Management: Preparing, Instructing, and Assessing for Success in Online Courses

Dr. Caroline Hackerott, Dr. Alyssa Provencio, Dr. Cameron Carlson, Dr. George Schwartz

View video | Presentations: Caroline Hackerott [pdf] | George Schwartz [pdf]

Integrating Team-Based Learning in the Asynchronous Online Environment

Elizabeth Gray, Christopher Sheach, Dr. Jamie Stacy, Dr. Sandy Smith

View video | Presentation [pdf]

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Understanding the Concept and its Application in Academic Programs and Emergency Management

Dr. Ekong Peters

View video | Presentation [pdf]

Poster Session

View posters & awards


Wednesday June 3, 2020 – Improvisation

Play Well with Others: Improvisation, Emergencies and Collaboration

Andrew Phelps

View video | Presentation [pdf]

FEMA Resilience Keynote

Carlos Castillo

Teaching with Art and Improvisation

Laurie Marshall

View video | Presentation [pdf]

FEMA NTED and Higher Education Program Update

Scott Kelberg, Lisa Lofton, Wendy Walsh

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Integrating Cybersecurity into Emergency Management Programs

Netta Squires, Ben Yelin

View video | Presentation [pdf]

Native Traditions, Mythology and Storytelling: A Modern Framework in Education

Norlean Cedeno, Jim Cedeno

View video | Presentation [pdf]

National Security and Emergency Management: A Case Approach to Integration

Dr. David McIntyre

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Thursday June 4, 2020 – Innovation

Making New, Normal: How Region VIII Leads the Way in Innovation

Lee dePalo

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2020 FEMA Higher Education State of the Community

Dr. DeeDee Bennett

View video | Presentation [pdf]

The Educators’ Dilemma: How Can Emergency Management and Homeland Security Professors Learn from Online Content Innovators

Dr. Rodrigo Nieto-Gómez

Presentation [pdf]

Ethics for Emergency Management

Dr. Sandy Smith, Dr. Shirley Feldmann-Jensen, Dr. Steven Jensen, Dr. Alyssa Provencio, Dr. David Etkin

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Nursing Administration and Emergency Management: A Hybrid MSN Program

Dr. Jennifer Helms

Presentation [pdf]

A DIET for Emergency Management: A Diversity Inclusion and Equity Transformation

Dr. S. Atyia Martin

View video | Presentation [pdf]

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