CHDS Master’s Theses: March 2020 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Master’s degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates). Find all 900+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the March 2020 (cohort 1805/1806) theses below.

  • Campus Police Participation in Joint Terrorism Task Forces
    Higgins, Ronnell A.
  • America Wildland-Urban Interface Burning: A Modern Application of a Historic Success
    Litzenberg, Erik J.
  • Aligning the National Preparedness Goal and FEMA’s National Preparedness Grants
    Harbour, Lance D.
  • Analysis of the New Jersey Civil Defense and Disaster Control Act Through a Modern Emergency Management Frame
    Cunning, Daniel
  • Bridging the Gap: Providing Transportation Leaders with a Strategic and Risk-Based Investment Methodology
    Miller, Brittany N.
  • Improving Resilience Among Law Enforcement Officers
    Miller, Brian S.
  • Human Trafficking: The Hidden Aftermath of U.S. Natural Disasters
    Eichelberger, Carrie B.
  • Last Responders: Approaching the Disaster After the Disaster Through Community-Led Long-Term Recovery Coalitions
    Tornello, Alana
  • Home Deferred: The Future Homeland Security Implications of Reverse Dreamers
    Engle, Kaylee M.
  • Rising Tide Floats All Boats, but Drowns Infrastructure: The Impact of Sea-Level Rise on America’s Maritime Infrastructure
    Sullivan, Michael
  • 9-1-1: What’s Our Emergency? Diagnosing a Struggling Occupation Serving a Neglected System
    Haight, Kevin P.
  • Insult to Injury: Disaster Displacement, Migrant Threat Perception, and Conflict in Host Communities
    Locke, Michael S.
  • Looking Beyond the Horizon: Modeling DHS Net Assessment
    Davis, Michael A., Jr.
  • Out, Out–the Role of Messaging in Countering Domestic Violent Extremism
    Roberts, Kathryn M.
  • Terrorism Prevention Through Community Policing
    Wyckoff, Robert
  • Reading from the Same Map: Towards a New Situational Awareness Model for Emergency Management
    Rau, Erik
  • Your Bridges Are Failing, Which One Should You Fix First? An Objective Yet Simple Method to Rate Bridges
    Carroll, Christopher
  • Pills, Powders, and Overdose: An Analysis of America’s Illicit Fentanyl Crisis
    Heiser, Timothy C.
  • Precision Policing: A Way Forward to Reduce Crime
    Ashraf, Muhammad J.
  • Law Enforcement’s Role in Preventing Epidemics: Enforcing Communicable Disease Quarantine Policies
    Lowenthal, Donald I., Jr.
  • Strategic Mutual Aid Response to Terrorism: A New Approach
    Hart, Jeremiah J.
  • Political Demonstrations: A Terrorist’s Dream Opportunity
    Mullane, Patrick E.

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