CHDS Master’s Theses: September 2019 Graduation

The Center for Homeland Defense and Security at the Naval Postgraduate School graduates students with a Masters degree in Security Studies every March, September and December (with occasional June graduates).  Find all 800+ theses searchable at the Homeland Security Digital Library or browse the September 2019 theses below.

  • Benefits of Utilizing Procedural Justice Principles in Hiring and Training Officers
    Boe, Theodore A.
  • After the Exercise: Using Change Management Theory to Improve After-Action Event Outcomes
    Holmes, Cynthia
  • Blockchain Technology Implementation in the U.S. Customs Environment
    Angert, Svetlana
  • Level the Playing Field: Are Law Enforcement Policies and Practices Rigged Against Women and Mothers?
    Neely, Dione A.
  • ‘English Disease’ and Political Protest: How Social Identity Theory Can Enhance Public Safety at Crowd Events
    Barney, Christopher J.
  • Preventing Violent Extremism in Children and Adolescents: An Elementary and Middle School Life-Safety Education Program
    Hutcheson, David W.
  • Technological Solution for the Reduction of Police Pursuits: Implications for Increased Investment
    Troxell, Ian
  • Relationship Policing: Implementing a New Model of Thinking for Law Enforcement to Build Formal Community Partnerships
    Poland, Mark J.
  • Building the Case for a Prison Mass-Casualty Planning Framework
    Day, Michael D.
  • Convergence, Guns, and the Public Safety Response
    Lyon, Jason D.
  • Building Community Capacity and Resilience Through Improvements in Economic Recovery
    McMahan, Kevin D.
  • Evolving the Joint Qualification System for DSCA: from Whole of DOD to Whole of Government
    Van Beek, Scott D.
  • Guided Search: Exploring Technological Solutions for Interior Navigation in the Structural Fire Environment
    Pravetz, Kenneth A.
  • Dimensions of Public Engagement for Inclusive Emergency Planning
    Witmer, Deborah L.
  • Bring in the Dogs: Using Canines to Improve School Safety and Security
    Cybert, Matthew W.
  • China’s Emerging Soft/Sharp Power Strategy in Hollywood
    Larson, Douglas F.
  • Hitting the Accelerator: Will Tesla Crash the Los Angeles Grid?
    Orr, Marilee
  • When Green and Blue Collide: The Relative Superiority Theory and Law Enforcement Incidents
    Lenart, Harley J.
  • Turning the Eagle’s Head: Polish Nationhood and the Global War on Terror
    Borden, Timothy G.
  • There Are No Monsters in the Closet: Why Fire Departments Are Not Implementing Best Concepts for Active Assailant Incidents
    Sabat, David
  • Mole in Your Pocket: A Study of the Data Gathering Capabilities and Security Implications of Modern Smartphones
    Maxson, Paula

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