Water Security: Driver of Future Homeland and National Security Priorities

Lecture/presentation — video. James Tindall, Edward Moran, and Andrew Campbell.

In January 2015 water became the #1 security, economic, and social risk globally — the primary driver that allows economic sustainability and fostering of countries, cultures, and politics. It is complexly interdependent with many areas such as transboundary resource and political issues, national and international security, emergency preparedness and incident planning, policy, response, intelligence, etc., and has long been a source of conflict. Although a renewable resource it is not an expandable one and scarcity, disparate distribution, and population growth combined with geopolitics, natural hazards and other threats, create extreme vulnerability, ranking water as the #1 risk and primary driver for Homeland and National Security.  We must develop significant Homeland and National Security Strategies to anticipate long-term adverse consequences of short term processes with a far reaching strategic focus utilizing a multidimensional-geopolitical strategy through lineage analysis approach.

This presentation was made at the 2015 Center for Homeland Defense and Security APEX Continuing Education Workshop held March 2015 at the NPS Center for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterey, CA.

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