Information Laundering

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Samantha K ImageHow is it that fringe stories and counterfeit narratives get traction, enter mainstream media, and are accepted as fact? Intelligence expert Samantha Korta (Masters 1605/1606 aka 1611) studied information laundering to discover how propagandists take advantage of the interconnectedness of the Internet as well as online technologies such as computational propaganda, echo chambers, and advertising to cheat the internet ecosystem and rapidly spread influential but illegitimate content to undermine the credibility and authority of legitimate sources. These intentional and harmful falsehoods spread in the virtual world can influence public discourse and manifest physically inciting violence, creating division, eroding trust, facilitating foreign influence during democratic elections, and even contributing to the rise in deadly but preventable diseases.

Samantha Korta, “Fake News, Conspiracy Theories, and Lies: An Information Laundering Model for Homeland Security” (master’s thesis, cohort 1605/1606, Naval Postgraduate School, 2018).


The Reflecting Pool

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4 Responses

  1. Sandra says:

    This was a FANTASTIC podcast, and two thumbs up from a fellow HLS grad student!

  2. Jackie Lindsey (White) says:

    Excellent and timely academic work. Congratulations on a fantastic job. Lead on!

  3. jay thompson says:

    To my knowledge no one has seen an official copy of Obama’s birth certificate, so I don’t think that subject is a conspiracy theory.

    Interesting how anti vaxxers are accused of falling for falsified data but she does not investigate false data from big pharma.

    Overall she was able to prove her point in an ironic way, she gave a biased view that appears to have been swallowed hook, line and sinker by Jackie and Sandra.

    >> Lead on!

    Please, American does not need leaders, we need independent thinkers. Leaders need followers to support their egos and wallets and followers love to follow because it’s much easier than thinking or expending energy.

    I admire Sam for her dedication to keeping our country safe and find her approach to the topic very informative. This is the kind of info that should be taught at junior high and high school levels so the students are aware of how major corporations are spending millions if not billions to control the way people think. PBS should do an hour or 2 on this.

    • Brian Reynolds says:

      PBS did do a special on it years ago. They showed how companies actually go out, hire young looking adults to infiltrate youth markets and literally create fads. The also discussed marketing trends moving younger and younger, to the point where now we are seeing major marketing campaigns designed around early elementary kids.

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