Unbounded Risk

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Providing perfect security in an era of unbounded risk is impossible. In my interview with Jack Anderson (Masters 1401), we talk about caribou scapula divination among Canadian nomadic tribes, jazz standards, particle accelerators, black swan events and using photographs of concealed snipers to understand how the dangers homeland security agencies face are increasingly beyond their control. Jack’s research shows how the response to such unbounded risks presumes a greater degree of knowledge, uniformity, and control than is available and that national adaptability is more desirable than perfect knowledge when responding to the unknown.



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7 Responses

  1. Laura Porter says:

    Great interview! Brilliant mind. Love the jazz analogy.

  2. Keith Haviland says:

    Excellent podcast.

    Thanks much for the thought provoking discussion and interview.

  3. Bartley Stewart says:

    I am very interested in discussing these concepts further. I listened to the podacast on my morning run; now my throat is tender from yelling yes so many times.


  4. Hania says:

    hi guys!what is unbounded risk?it confused me…..

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